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Development Of Safety Valves
Mar 27, 2019

Development of Safety Valves

         Safety valve is a special branch of valve family. Its particularity is that unlike other valves, it only acts as a switch, and more importantly, it protects the safety of equipment. With the rapid development of China's economic construction, there are more and more equipment projects with pressure control. In view of the need of equipment pressure relief, safety valve plays a vital role in the process of protecting equipment. By 2013, there were more than 700 manufacturers and traders of various types of safety valves, with more than 200 daily trading inquiries, and the supply and demand market of safety valves has obviously warmed up. According to the preliminary analysis of the first quarter data, the demand for safety valves is 20 percentage points higher. Safety valve is an important safety accessory on boilers, pressure vessels and other pressure equipment. Safety valve (also known as relief valve) is automatically opened and closed according to the working pressure (working temperature) of the pressure system. It is generally installed in the equipment or pipeline of the closed system to protect the safety of the system. When the pressure or temperature in the equipment or pipeline exceeds the set pressure of the safety valve, the pressure relief or cooling will be automatically opened to ensure that the medium pressure (temperature) in the equipment and pipeline is under the set pressure (temperature), to protect the equipment and pipeline from normal operation, to prevent accidents and reduce losses. Safety valves are widely used in steam boilers, liquefied petroleum gas trucks or liquefied petroleum gas railway tankers, oil wells, High-pressure Bypass of steam power generation equipment, pressure pipes, pressure vessels, etc. Safety valves are generally divided into spring-type safety valve, lever-type safety valve and pulse-type safety valve according to their structural forms, among which spring-type safety valve is most commonly used, and thread-type safety valve and flange safety valve are divided according to their connection modes. Safety valve caliber is generally not large, commonly used in DN15mm-DN80mm, more than 150 mm is generally known as large-caliber safety valve. It is an indisputable fact that the market of safety valve industry expanded in 2013. The number of enterprises that can produce safety valves with qualifications in our country is not much, because safety valves belong to the special equipment industry. The State Administration of Quality Supervision is more strict in applying for qualification examination. The huge demand market for safety valves undoubtedly brings more wealth opportunities to these enterprises with qualifications to produce safety valves.

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