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Stainless Steel Globe Valve

Stainless Steel Globe Valve

Stainless steel is needed where corrosion could be an issue, and is widely used in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

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1、Reasonable structure and beautiful shape.

2、It has good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance and long service life.

3、The valve stem has good resistance to corrosion and abrasion after being treated with tempering and surface nitrification.

4、Various piping flange standards and flange sealing cover types can be adopted to meet various engineering requirements and user requirements.

5、There are wide ranges of valve body materials, filling and gasket can be reasonably selected according to actual working conditions or user requirements, and can be applied to various pressure, temperature and medium working conditions.

6、Reliable: the inverted seal is made of threaded connection seal seat or body surfacing austenite stainless steel. The seal is reliable.

Stainless steel is needed where corrosion could be an issue, and is widely used in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Stainless steel globe valve body material requirements are relatively high in general 304/316 and other material options are widely used in chemical, shipping, pharmaceutical, food machinery and other industries.

On-site Repair of Valve Stem Tension Injury


Repair steps for stem tension injury:

(1) Remove the burr of the valve stem with a file; for the shallow part, use a flat shovel to process to a depth of about 1 mm, and then use abrasive cloth or angle grinder to grind and coarsen, then a new metal surface will appear.

(2) Clean the surface with TL-700 metal cleaner to make the repaired surface free of oil, dust and dirt.

(3) Apply wear-resistant repairing agent.

(4) Detailed trimming.

Preparation and coating process of wear-resistant repairing technics:

(1) Preparing repair agent according to volume ratio of 3.8:1;

(2) Scrape the adhesive on the surface of the pulled wound, the first time should be as little as possible, from top to bottom, do not allow the existence of bubbles;

(3) After the first coating for 1 hour (i.e. after the initial curing of the adhesive), the repairing agent should be reconciled according to the requirements, and the second coating should be carried out, which is 1-2 mm higher than the original size.

(4) After natural solidification for 1 hour, heating with tungsten iodide lamp at 80-100 C for 3 hours is enough.

Detailed dressing process requirements:

(1) Remove the adhesives higher than the original size with the tools of file, scraper and abrasive cloth. Measure the adhesives at any time during operation, do not make the adhesive layer lower than the original size, and reserve 0.5mm as the finishing quantity;

(2) When the dimension reaches the finishing quantity, the grinding tool is used to finish (80 mesh abrasive cloth is padded).

(3) When the size is higher than the original size of 0.2 mm, the diamond can be replaced and grinded to the actual size accuracy.

Matters needing attention:

Because on-site repair is adopted, in order to ensure the quality of repair, dust and oil contamination around the repair (especially the upper part) must be cleaned up; if there are defects (such as small stomata) after repair, glue should be repaired, the operation process is the same as above.



Design Features

Design standard as per: BS1873、GB/T 12235

Generally, lift is just 1/4 of the valve seat port, ensuring a short Opening/closing time. 
Only one sealing face exists on the valve body and disc.

The valve is designed as a back seat sealing structure.

Use flexible and woven graphite collaboration type packing.

Product  Range

Body material: stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel

Nominal diameter: 1/2"~24"

Pressure range:Class150~2500(PN10~PN420)

End connection: RF, RTJ, BW

Working temperature:-29℃~560℃

Operation: Handwheel, Gear Box, Electric Actuator, etc.



Valve   Type

Stainless Steel Globe Valve

Valve   Material

Cast steel, stainless steel, special alloy, etc

Valve   Test

100% quantity tested before delivery

Valve   Guarantee

18 months from the date of dispatch ex works, or 12 months from date of commodity installation.

Valve   Painting

Customer request

Valve   Package

Wooden case


No requirement

Valve   Certificate

API 6D/CE/ISO9001/ISO14001

Delivery   Detail

Shipped in 4 or 6 weeks after payment



Payment   Terms


Certificate   Offered

Packing List,Commercial Invoice,Test Reports and Material Certificates,Certificate of quality and quantity,   Seller’s Certificate of Guarantee



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